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Classy Solo Saxophone Performers based in Central Texas


Are you worried about having a forgettable wedding?


Do you want unprofessional and unprepared musicians?


Will a DJ alone cater to ALL of your guests?


Do you want your guests to feel awkward during your cocktail hour?


Is your wedding goin to embody class and authenticity or feel forced and tacky?

“We cannot recommend Ryan enough! From the very first time we had him play at our restaurant, he was extremely professional, with excellent communication prior to our event date, plus setting up early, smart attire and stellar saxophone skills! Just fantastic! He played a wide variety and engaged the crowd, making new jazz fans in the process. You will not regret having him at any event!”

Troy Lumberyard Tavern & Market

“Ryan is easy to talk to and easy to work with. It isn’t lost on him that the audience is part of the performance too. He acts with integrity, is a natural communicator, and is a musician of the people”

Eric Trevino, Band Leader of Delphinus Orcastra


17 years of experience as a musician


Has performed at numerous Wineries, Private Parties, Galas, Stadiums, Festivals, Farmer's Markets & more


Army Band Veteran (professionalism)


Private Instructor and Instrumental Coach for multiple school districts


Versatility and Adaptability from years of experience as a street performer

I understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, and want to make the process as easy for you as possible. Hiring live musicians can be intimidating and overwhelming, and any extra problems can add extra stress to your wedding. Live music can be prohibitively expensive. SSE will offer you an incredible value that you won’t believe.

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Enjoy Your Wedding

We will show up prepared, professionally dressed, and ready to provide the musical ambiance your Wedding deserves!

“Ryan carries such a great energy and definitely expresses this in his playing. He is definitely a hire for any event!”

Chris Bazar, Owner of Prairie Dell Meats

Hi, I’m the Entertainment Director of SSE, Ryan Youmans.

I’ve been playing music and performing for others my entire life. Through my experiences as a Street Performer, Army Bandsmen, Band Leader and Music Educator, I’ve realized something incredible about Music: 

Playing Music for others is a Super Power.

Music is a Universal Language that all people naturally understand. Music is the language of emotion. Music is what binds us together. Music is powerful.

The first moment that really clicked for me, was during an impromptu street performance with a couple of my High School friends. I vividly remember us playing at the local pier on a Saturday night, when a complete stranger asked us if we could play some music for his best friend’s proposal. We enthusiastically agreed, and tried to act inconspicuous as he set up a giant heart on the ground with remote control candles. Dozens of onlookers started to gather as they realized what was going to happen, and we all tried our best stay casual in order not to ruin the surprise. 

After a few minutes that felt like hours passed, a couple dressed in a suave suit and an elegant dress slowly made their way towards us. The man held his partner’s hand and led her into the center of the heart, when his best friend suddenly turned on the lights. He knelt down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. With an expression on her face I’ll never forget, she immediately said yes. I gave the cue and our impromptu band started playing a beautiful ballad by Chicago, Colour my world. 

The newly betrothed started slow dancing inside of the glowing heart, and the entire audience applauded them. The bride to be was crying in her future husbands arms, completely smitten. I remember telling my friends afterwards that we had peaked, and nothing would ever top that. Experiences like that are why I play music, and why I’m asking you to allow us the privilege of participating in your wedding. 

At Soulful Sax Entertainment, we absolutely understand and appreciate how important your special day is. My promise to you is to do everything in my power to elevate that experience, and give you memories that will last a life time. We’re looking forward to Entertaining you and your Guests!

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